After the September 11 terrorist attacks, the world trade center in New York was targeted by terrorists. This happened just two days after another twin bombing of the London transit system in London. At that time, many people lost their lives. Initially the Bush administration blamed the Pakistani government for these attacks on American soil. However, later it was proved that the attackers had come from Pakistan and it was a nation state, not an international terrorist organization.

There have been repeated incidences of terrorist attacks in the United States within the past decade. Many times the media has played a hand in reporting these incidents, as they want to sensationalize them and draw the American public’s attention away from the real issues going on in the Middle East. A perfect example was the case of the World Trade Center attack. The media completely misquoted an ambassador, who was speaking in front of the press after the disaster. He was reporting that the buildings were still standing.

A few hours later the world trade center came crashing down. Initially, there were no injuries or fatalities reported. Later on, when the damage was assessed, it was discovered that all the building materials used in the World Trade Center collapse were from China. It was totally unbelievable and shocking that the Chinese would be involved in such a terrible crime, but yet again the world media went with the flow and turned the scene of the tragedy into a story about the Chinese trying to save face at the cost of the Americans.

Now this is just the beginning. What is truly alarming is that once again the world trade center scam is causing chaos and death in the name of diplomacy. For anyone who believes the official story, the immediate response from the Chinese government was anger. The Foreign Ministry issued a strongly worded statement and the spokesperson even accused the US of “disinformation” and called for the release of the false photos. Obviously they have something to hide because the world knows the truth.

There are two things that should be known about the Chinese government. The first is that the PR Chinese government is not very popular and does not want the world to know what is really going on. Second, the Chinese leadership is worried about their economy and wants to protect its assets. Why? They know that if the US decides to apply Trade sanctions, not only will they be hurting themselves with lost foreign investment, but they will also be hurting the US economy which has been one of their primary goals.

Will the Chinese take any more of this kind of action? At this time there is no sign that they will. The economic collapse that they have experienced in the past decade and a half is a big problem for them. The country is in a deep economic crisis and the world needs China to continue to grow. Until they can assure the world that their actions will not be reciprocated, we will continue to see the consequences of September 11 world trade center attacks.

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